Patch combining maps Russian Open Spaces and RusMap


Road connections maps Russian open spaces 3.3 and RusMap 1.7.1

Pavel Morozov


10 Responses to Patch combining maps Russian Open Spaces and RusMap

  1. spartacus33 says:

    Thanks a lot Pavel…

  2. Ghostheijink says:

    No file when downloading please upload again

  3. Nic says:

    Hi…this is a sharemods problem with no file error

    • JoachimK says:

      That´s not the complete Mod.
      Your Link= 1,6mb
      Original= 15,3mb (here on the Site)

  4. JGunsCZ says:

    does work this combination promods+rusmap+project balkan+russian open spaces with this patch?

  5. anuk2939 says:

    Does this Map Combination works with Promods,Rusmap,Project Balkans,Russian Open Spaces,Taiwan,PJ Indo,EAA and Southern Region with This Patch?

  6. lost says:

    ProMods+RusMap Connection
    RusMap Map Package
    RusMap Model 2 Package
    RusMap Model Package
    ProMods Definition Package
    ProMods Map Package
    ProMods Media Package
    ProMods Models Package 2
    ProMods Models Package 1
    ProMods Assets Package
    RusMap Def Package
    Southern Region map [Def and Map]
    Southern Region map_[Model1]
    Southern Region map_[Model2]
    Southern Region map_[Model3]

  7. SlavikSD says:

    “by mods_ats” – losevo58!
    Autor link (pavel1971 – Pavel Morozov)

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