Pavelli Strong STV 1.44

4 cargos and 51 options
✅custom licence plate
✅3 body types
✅sterable axle



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13 thoughts on “Pavelli Strong STV 1.44

  1. crash when i buy this Trailer

  2. Crash when I buy this trailer too

  3. TribalChief

    When i confirm to buy trailer, game is crashing. Fix it buddy. This mod is great.

    1. Klassieker

      Change the order of the two mods and your game wil not crash

      1. welche Reihenfolge ist richtig ?

  4. Paymod 15 euro buy it, dont steal it

  5. AvM Transport

    The truck on the second pic is too high.

    1. with a special permission u drive with that hight

  6. Please add spanish double plate option or red license (spanish trailers) plate.
    It would be really nice!!

    1. Write to the author and buy it, and you do not complain, you can see that someone worked but some ##### did not appreciate it

      1. I wrote to the author. He stop selling full mod cause it’s not full ready at least. Felicidades accessory parts are missing, problem is not to buy it mate 😛

  7. No loads for this mod.

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