Pegaso Troner Truck Fix 1.40

Pegaso Troner Updated to 1.40
Put the files in the number order

Sorry for the error we have had..

Juanillomods & ElCrespo


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8 thoughts on “Pegaso Troner Truck Fix 1.40

  1. What is that? It is a DAF 95 Dude!!!

    1. The_One_Over_There

      Pagaso used the Daf 95 as a base.
      Just like how Terborg used Vovlo,s as a base.

      Some other brands did, and still do the same.

    2. AvM Transport

      Use google first …

  2. I ask the same question again. Video ?

  3. no funciona cual es el orden

  4. the scrap doesn’t work

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