Pennants on the windshield [1.25]


Simple modification that adds to the game pennants with the inscription BLANK and the name of the driver/partner, installed in the slots of the accessories on the windshield.

+ Support for physics in the cockpit accessories.
+ 4 colors of fabric pennants.
+ 2 color fringe along the edges.
+ 12 label varieties (made as separate images with alpha channel for easy editing).

The mod consists of two parts. In the first (primary) residence is located, the model and textures.
In the second part (optional) for advanced users of duplicate registration and the texture of the label for easier editing fashion.
Also in the archive in the folder /order/templates/ templates are formats, textures in Photoshop/GIMP.

To work correctly, the mod should DLC “Cabin Accessories”!

SCS, il_86


3 thoughts on “Pennants on the windshield [1.25]

  1. Гибддшник во сне причитает:
    – Камаз, камаз, камаз…
    Жена успокаивает:
    – Пустой, пустой…

    1. Хахах 🙂

  2. MatthewJet-Transport

    Make pls vith Trucks marks
    Сделайте с марками грузовиков пожалуйста

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