Penske Combo Pack

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The Peterbilt387/American Trailer Penske Pack.
One file, if you want just the trailer, let me know, I think I’ve made a T800 Penske truck couple months back, if not, I’ll make one.

Credit for Peterbilt 387:
Conversion in the GTS, and then in the ETS 2, interior trim, tuning – Ch_Vitalik
Additional tuning, model, textures, and sound improvement – Kirilloid22
Engines, transmissions and some tuning elements – Dmitry68
Engine sounds – Kriechbaum

Author: Bobbo662


4 Responses to Penske Combo Pack

  1. Wanderer1972 says:

    i would like to know if you can make a American flatbed trailer and one with a covered wagon please ive been looking for those two and cant find nor get some one to make them if u can make them thank you i drive truck for a living and this would be sweet as hell if you can

  2. Flywheel says:

    yes would love the trailer, only because I would like to put some more cargo in them, I have most of these T800 combo pack and they are all fantastic, but very, very rarely see the trailer if at all, I have been using the Ryder combo for sometime and never sighted the trailer as yet. lol

    By the way great mods and thank you very much. Peter

  3. EJTruckingINC says:

    Another find truck and trailer Robert…start calling you the Master of Mods 🙂

  4. dan says:

    what dealer do i find this truck

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