Peterbilt 351


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Version: 1.13-1.14.X

JAWA Smith Stas556


14 thoughts on “Peterbilt 351

  1. Mariska-néni

    Can u make a ##### skin for it plz?

  2. wagehalsig


    Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Mercedes Benz Real Logo…

    Request… 😀

  3. Why is a dashboard so poorly done?

  4. kriechbaum

    Because this guy on the video plays with low settings graphics.

  5. where do you find out where to buy the trucks

  6. Is this a re-upload?? If I remember correctly, the link is on sharemods

  7. Fulltilt503

    Looks like a re-upload, nothing new according to the video. And the truck already worked on those versions of the game so I think it’s just someone trying to get some youtube views.

  8. please stop with this poor res vídeos, you are killing the game

  9. Re-up yes
    Here is the full hd video

  10. why do u re-upload old mods dude?

  11. Vladimir54115

    перезалейте пожалуйста ссылку

  12. Vladimir54115

    почему я не могу скачать у меня пишет вот такую ошибку ERR_CONNECTION_RESET и еще пишет веб страница не доступна

  13. eric richtofen

    i think you have to fix your mod, causing crashes an sounds are messing up real bad

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