Peterbilt 379 v 2.5


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ok guys at long last here is the new version of the peterbilt 379v2.5
compatible with ets2 and ats but with ets2 do not hit I u will crash plus there nothing in the truck to hit I for and when u are in flat top sleeper mode and u go to interior and u hit the seat node and u see a juliette pop up look behind u shes ready willing and able lol
ok template is in the scs file i find it easier to make a skin dor each cab so it can be lined up better i will try and find someone to fix it so it can be perfect but until then hope u have fun and enjoy credits are in the read me but new credits
new to the truck
day cab
3 new chassis
new fenders
blinking on the hood
alot of textures
moved hood mirrors foward
hope u enjoy



7 thoughts on “Peterbilt 379 v 2.5

  1. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video on my Youtube Channel

  2. Great! A little more work on Julia, and she would be great too!!! Thanks…

    1. mindset01

      if u look behind u when u click the seat u will see her

  3. can u fix the main computer on the top/center? He is always off

  4. can u fix the main computer in the top/center? it’s showing nothing…

  5. Daniel Kwak

    Its Very cool MOD but when i activate this MOD, some of Headlights (which equip as accessory) textures are break, and if press button i (maybe button that change dashboard of truck) game crash.
    And the high metallic sound when accelerate the truck is little annoying. (I know this is realistic, but it also make my ear tired)
    Sorry for my bad English, and of you fix these things ill very thanks for you.

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