Peterbilt 387


Authors: SCS, AdeA Reis, Mik63i, Evrey


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  1. Peter says:

    Thanks! 🙂


  2. leha85 says:

    the author of this modification Mik63i, and Evrey one who stole modification

  3. leha85 says:

    автор этой модификации Mik63i, а Evrey тот, кто украл модификацию

  4. jozso1969 says:

    bemásoltam a játékba és utána ha elinditom a játékot akkor leáll.Miért????

  5. EddyCJ says:

    Looks superb!! Does it replaces something?

  6. fuzionzv6 says:

    this is a good mod it dont change all the trucks like some mods do and it works v

  7. Quarazhi says:

    What truck does it change?

  8. fuzionzv6 says:

    yes it dose but it only replaces 1 scania truck not all

  9. A High Hamster says:

    Orignal model is from bigbob i think his name is

  10. RubberDuck says:

    it deosn’t works

  11. RubberDuck says:

    but how? i cant find it at any SCANIA dealers,and tell us how find that car?

    • MrMehh says:

      Same here, installed it, camera perspective thing is working so I assume it’s installed correctly but I can’t find it in any SCANIA dealer.

      • fuzionzv6 says:

        hi it is there if u get the camera perspective thing like u did go 2 the SCANIA dealer the truck is on the left

  12. Chris says:

    I found it in Hannover dealer and it works!

  13. MrMehh says:

    Yeah, it’s not in the SCANIA dealers except for the one in Hannover, when I go to it or shop online the game crashes.

    • MrMehh says:

      And when I remove this mod I can just enter every SCANIA dealer. It’s such an awesome mod and i’d love to use it 🙁

  14. fuzionzv6 says:

    are u starting a new game and just use this mod

  15. EddyCJ says:

    Then it’s superb if it doesn’t replaces any truck!! Good job!!

  16. torben says:

    view out the front is bad far to high cant see the road interiour needs a tune up maybee some extras like beacon and bullbar would be nice but the truck it self looks great looking forward for v2

  17. Freddy Jimmink says:

    Th truck works only on 1 type: It replaces the scania 113 Frontstear, You can buy it from level 12, it is the one richt from the doors in the showroom,

    Oh yeah the mod is not stolen, it is their mod
    Scs is alos one of the dreditors, because it was build for GTS



  18. Freddy Jimmink says:

    Translate please?

    • truckman says:

      He is saying that Evrey modified the mod and stood as one of the authors, and that this mod does not have the permisão be distributed on sites like this crap, stupid!

  19. Mod-Loller says:

    nice (useable),
    but a few features and console-errors:

    – some unused paintjob files with errors in there
    – don’t add a own interior camera
    and changes the scania interior camera
    – shadowproblems rear wheels
    – unlock Level 7
    – replace the scania113, not standallone
    – transmission UI-Mod in there
    – left frontmirror wrong angle

  20. Freddy Jimmink says:

    Template is not the same, but can be helpfull to skin, but i will make a new template,

    And where can we find that update Mod-Loller?



    • Mod-Loller says:

      it is not possible to offer a fix for download because

      the creator never relased this truck for free download. original-thread here in “mods on demand”:

      just ask the creator for the lates version 😉

      • Freddy Jimmink says:

        Okay that isn’t possible, because if i ask i get banned from that site,

        And why is this truck on more sites than where thet creator placed it? Just google,



        • Mod-Loller says:

          as far I understand in the original-thread, the creator realy dislike that…

        • Mod-Loller says:

          I think no bann, because many people ask for the truck on that site.

  21. EddyCJ says:

    Well sadly it isn’t working for me! I don’t know why but it isn’t working!

  22. MrMehh says:

    I got it to work now, totally forgot to update my game. This really only works with 1.2.5 (you can see your version when you choose profile). There’s some things that need fixing indeed but it’s a real good start. Looking forward to V2 and maybe some fitting US trailers.

    • EddyCJ says:

      The interesting part is that I have the 1.2.5 version…but when I go to a Scania dealer it isn’t there…and it’s so frustrating because I was waiting for a long time now for a nice looking Peterbilt…

      • MrMehh says:

        Try the dealer in Hannover. That’s where I got it from. I first tried dealers in the UK but I couldn’t find this truck anywhere. It’s the first one on the right in the Hannover dealer. Try there.

        • MrMehh says:

          First one on the left*

          • EddyCJ says:

            Yep, I’ve tried there…but no luck!

          • MrMehh says:

            Do you have the weird perspective in Scania trucks? If you don’t then it’s probably not installed properly, if the camera is like higher it should be installed properly and it should be in Hannover. Otherwise I wouldn’t know what’s wrong.

  23. Freddy Jimmink says:

    Other possabillity is, there is a scania in Your mod folder,

    With me it works so as Mr. Mehh says and why You only can buy it in Hanover is becaus the scania 113 has the same thing only to buy in Hanover and from level 12

    Also check if You have no double mods like tuning mods in Your mod map,



  24. EddyCJ says:

    Yep I saw that I have the Scania V8 mod! When I take that out the Peterbilt apeares!

    • Freddy Jimmink says:

      Okay Eddy good for You my man and lots of fun!

      • EddyCJ says:

        Thank you very much Freddy!! You are a hero for making this truck!!

  25. Freddy Jimmink says:

    I let a friend of mine asked for it and he had a ban for a week orso, but never mind i like it this way and i made a right template,

    What we can do is keep the truck this way, i don’t mind about the mishaps and in the future someone will make it right and publish it somewhere under his name,

    The skin i made is good enough for me,



  26. Freddy Jimmink says:

    let a friend of mine asked for it and he had a ban for a week orso, but never mind i like it this way and i made a right template,

    What we can do is keep the truck this way, i don’t mind about the mishaps and in the future someone will make it right and publish it somewhere under his name,

    The skin i made is good enough for me,



  27. RubberDuck says:

    okey people i thought about 1 thing,may this problem provoked by other mods?

  28. RubberDuck says:

    which of course installed buy me

  29. gena2012 says:

    Freddy Jimmink, this is the first version of the mod, mod still in the process of refining …. requests the administration to remove Evrey from the authors of the fashion …write again, a Evrey is not related to the work on this mod, he just stole it and put it to the network…evrey just thief…

    • Freddy Jimmink says:

      Every converted the original from Scania Truck Driving Simulator and changed it to make it work in ETS 2,

      That happens often in ETS and GTS, he gave all original makers creits, and entered his name ofcourse, which is no stealing,



      • gena2012 says:

        how to explain … he did not do anything, except a reference to fashion, it turns out, if given the link, already the author of fashion, this is nonsense …I am shocked …

  30. viper21 says:

    FIX THE WIPERS!!! I don’t care who made it, is great! FIX WIPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. viper21 says:


  32. viper21 says:


  33. IDGAF says:

    i have no idea why folks are saying this is a good mod ?

    it’s a VERY long way from being even close to a good mod.

    far to many things wrong with it to class this as a good mod

    • Freddy Jimmink says:

      My Good Friend, i say a beautifull job for You to fix it, but it don’t have to be in 1 day gnagnagna

  34. Logic says:

    This mod crashes a lot.

    Causes a massive amount of log errors. missing files and unreadable files. Can buy it but as soon as I start it and move forward the game crashes every time.

    Would love to see an improved version released but since this release was unwarranted (who knows why the author is so uptight about it) I doubt Ill get to see that.

  35. james says:

    HI I have been using this truck on 1.3.1 and do not have any problems except wipers are useless to remove snow or rain, and only one paint mod works for repainting. The card paint works only with the white basic color. It a really good mod and the engines for 750hp work well. I am using it on the unloading additional sites mod, and there are some really tight turns required for the long nose but it works great.
    But the wipers must be fixed to really be able to use it during rain. I wonder if it will work on the new v2.0 map to be released on friday. We shall see(I will ride on the top of the cab if it rains-hahaha.

    • Freddy Jimmink says:

      Hmm there are a lot of beautifull skins for this truck, why don’t You try 1 of them?



  36. Raefn says:

    when ever i go into the scania dealer the game crashes and i really want the truck do what do i do?

  37. gabrieltrucker says:

    hi ave just question for is trucks is trucks is works on version 1.1.3

  38. klever says:

    If not works, up your video level in tha game.
    Max video beállításal működik.

  39. Anon says:

    it seems that nobody has ever have my problems, but i can’t see the roads. my camera is too low. Am i missing something?

  40. JuLz says:

    is this works in version 1.10.1 ?

  41. nick says:

    does this work on 1.9? and what showroom is it in?

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