Peterbilt 389 Dark Interior

Dark-Interior-1 Dark-Interior-2 Dark-Interior-3

Hi everyone, i did a little change of the plastics and wood textures.
The plastic is more dark and the wood more red/browner than before,it depends on the sunlight or trafic lights..

A steering wheel that would be nice to see in this truck: .

bonne route..

Author: Zaxe


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6 thoughts on “Peterbilt 389 Dark Interior

  1. I love you for this. Just wanted to say thank you :))))

  2. gearjammer337

    Can you make the steering wheel for this truck?

  3. Hello, i tried but i’m a bad coder i have the 3D model ,hd textures, animation but after i don’t know what to dooo with that. Maybe later if some body know i can give to him the blender file.. 😉

    1. gearjammer337

      I hope so, I think it’ll make the truck look better. The current steering wheel is old lol it needs to be updated

      1. I totally agree with that.

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