Scania Streamline Lada Skin


Lada Skin for Scania Streamline Truck

Author: Aleksandro


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10 thoughts on “Scania Streamline Lada Skin

  1. phil hunt

    I need a modeler and email address any one helpful out there?

    1. Aleksandro

      Hello! I’m here, what do you want?

      1. phil hunt

        I have a truck I needs some work on it.. can you help?

        1. Aleksandro

          What truck? And what do you want to try? Depends on what you want to offer!

          1. phil hunt

            I will share credit for it.. add me on fb and we can go one from there..

  2. Aleksandro

    Sorry, I rarely go on this website. You Russian? Where you prefer to communicate?

    1. phil hunt

      Im from the uk and it would help if you could add me on Facebook. ..

  3. Aleksandro

    Well, let’s have Your name. I’ll find you.

    1. phil hunt

      Phil hunt

      1. Aleksandro

        Here is my gmail [email protected]

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