Peugeot 3008 2021 with mirror anim

i fixed it work now
i added more animations
HQ model
a new sound with good engine




64 thoughts on “Peugeot 3008 2021 with mirror anim

  1. Jalapeño boy

    Fiat Panda plsss 🙏

    1. this car i see in gta san andress it not high quality if you see another game let’s link in her

      1. ATS Trucker

        have you thought about your mods being compatible with SISL mega pack, adding to the def/accessory file, like toyseat for passengers?

        1. bro when i do any car i don’t care about file def but i can do that and i can add a lot of accessory i do this car just one day thank’s i will care next time

      2. Jalapeño boy

        I see this car in BEAMNG drive can you convert it? It has good quality

        1. i will see

          1. Jalapeño boy

            Remember? I was asking for Skoda Karoq 2017 ? I saw pretty good model with good quality in Gta San Andreas convert it please 🙏

          2. Jalapeño boy

            Will you make Fiat panda?????

  2. Nagy Gábor

    nincs indexhangja belül és nem látni kivűl h működik kivűl az ablaktörlő

  3. 2021 land rover defender pls mod car

    1. mabye

      1. Can you make it in Pejo 2008?

  4. best mode

    1. thank’s bro

  5. オオシタユウジ

    2010 Toyota Crown Royal Saloon late model please

    1. i don’t have this car

  6. Hi, I’ve always wanted to have the Audi A6 c6 avant 3.0 turbo diesel on this game.

  7. Yahia can you make a Range rover Velar or Land rover Defender

    1. when i can do create dashboard digital i will do

  8. Can you do A6 C6 avant

  9. Yahia when enter the store geme to find the car

  10. Why do you always make the same mods dude, it’s getting boring.

    1. I think he’s running out of ideas and he’s not as capable like Nimit in my opinion.

      1. I respect your opinion when I say that I am the best, so if you like it, download it, and if you do not like it, please do not comment.

    2. ATS Trucker

      because if you paid attention in school he said he is doing one car brand at a time, next is a thunder box load of BMWs

  11. plss peugeot 2008 plsssssssssssssssssssssss

  12. Range Rover vogue 2023 and aston martin db11 please

  13. Bro can you do a BMW X6m 2020

  14. pls honda crv 2010

  15. turbo_opel

    Can you make Opel Astra L or Opel Vectra B?

  16. Peugeot 208 pls

    1. i will update this car

      1. Pleas when

  17. The interior is absolutly fake is not like that , the side mirrors are trash tbh , the back lights is for old 3008 … u should put more hard work dont post trash cars


    1. When I found the car, it had no interior, and I gave it to one person who asked for it from me, and I do not spread garbage. There is an effort I made, I respect that.

      1. Effort?? You literally didnt even animate the turn signal lever and wiper lever, you didnt animate the hazard light button, u just take car models and convert them to the game, i’m sorry to break it to you but your mods are trash, you probably dont even test drive before uploading

      2. bro don’t mind that, I can see the work, well done.
        nice mod

      3. Effort? you just take models from other games and do nothing, not even animate a single thing in the interior of the car, you make 0 effort, you reupload cars, you dont even test the car before uploading that’s why you reupload them,i’m sorry but your mods arent good compared to some other car mod makers

        1. that your opinion i respect you right i not test the car before upload i take screenshot just but i will car about this thank i will care all detalis

        2. ATS Trucker

          dumb comment, most mods here always have faults, either being incorrect speedo, no window animation, some steering wheels dont even move, no wipers, unrealistic light flares, nimit and mert irsi dont even fix their cars they just reupload with a compatible game file version in the manifest file, so for them when 1.49 comes all their cars are locked to 1.48, seems selfish to me, its not about how good you are, its about time and care, and that is one thing he has over others is he will try and fix problems, unlike some,

      4. Sorry , I Have a 3008 GT 2021 , just tell me how i can make interiors and i can help u with details ….

        1. bro i can do interior details but take long time if someone buy this car 3d model i will convert

          1. ATS Trucker

            my friend you are doing a great job, one thing i like over the other modders you have here is you keep the driver in the car, please never remove the driver, for 1st and 3rd person players, admiring your car driving down the road is weird without a driver

  18. thanks for the update bro, nice mod

  19. 2015 toyota auris pleasssss

  20. Can you do a Cupra Formentor or a Leon Cupra (new models)

  21. pls vw t7

  22. please bmw x6m 2023 plese or audi rs3 2022

  23. the physics and they way it drive is trash it always like sliding in the road even your in slow

    1. i will care about physics me always i use the same physics and engine

      1. Ayo what? why do you use the same physics? Not all cars are the same. The fact that you use the same physics without making proper adjustments is bad and makes you look lazy. No wonder your cars are barely controllable.

        However, I still hope you improve but if you don’t bother improving that, then what’s the point of making car mods with trash physics?

        1. ATS Trucker

          you really should have your own physics mod by now, my car never shakes for if you remove the physics file from this mod it will use yours, you all should be able to edit engine and transmission files too to adjust torque by now, come on guys, unlike nimit and mert as they have locked theirs so you cant edit (but you can with an unlocker and a Sii file converter) Yahia leaves his open to edit, learn how to edit files guys, and you can change little things like the shaking and top speed and torque and all sorts of things. hes doing better than you

          1. I see, I’ll try it out for the mods that allow me to edit. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll see how it goes.

  24. Jalapeño boy

    Yahia will you make Fiat Panda???

  25. temsa avenue plus plss

  26. Frère, je ne trouve pas la voiture dans le magasin, j’ai allumé l’ambiance, mais la voiture n’est pas à l’intérieur du magasin. J’espère que vous comprenez mon problème.

  27. اخي يحيى انا من الجزائر please mercedes A45s or peugeot partner 2022

    1. نعم انا اوافقه الرأي

  28. Sweet Amber AUS

    hello yahia, did you figure out which car? i’m sorry if it’s a inconvenience, i believe this model is best for convert out of all of them,

  29. Hey, your mods are great! Can you greate bmw e65 b7? Much love <3

  30. ellkamynante

    The car very ok! But the sound of engine is horrible!

  31. pejo rifter pls

  32. make a peugeot rifter PLSSS

  33. MatteoCast

    Peugeot 2008 2013

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