Peugeot boxer


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Fixes: Energetic21
Converted from GTS to ETS2: Rafal

The model needs a few fixes



12 thoughts on “Peugeot boxer

  1. Which dealer is it in?

    1. Majestic

  2. Paťo 735

    Real interior please

  3. Holländer1995

    Interior Mercedes Sprinter 313 cdi

  4. Doesn’t work for me

  5. chesterschriever

    This mod contains files from the year 2013, it’s obvious that it won’t work.

  6. Mod is cool, but why there is no sound of the Sprinter?

  7. Je le trouve dans aucun Conssicionnaire

    1. Normal. Il ne fonctionne pas mais y a une nouvelle version là.

  8. thankss

  9. please make it for update 1.27.2.x

  10. loui cool

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