Peugeot boxer


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Fixes: Energetic21
Converted from GTS to ETS2: Rafal

The model needs a few fixes



12 Responses to Peugeot boxer

  1. aral says:

    Which dealer is it in?

  2. Paťo 735 says:

    Real interior please

  3. Holländer1995 says:

    Interior Mercedes Sprinter 313 cdi

  4. Ficfic says:

    Doesn’t work for me

  5. chesterschriever says:

    This mod contains files from the year 2013, it’s obvious that it won’t work.

  6. marclev says:

    Mod is cool, but why there is no sound of the Sprinter?

  7. Boum says:

    Je le trouve dans aucun Conssicionnaire

    • Ficfic says:

      Normal. Il ne fonctionne pas mais y a une nouvelle version là.

  8. ziza says:


  9. Kenseth says:

    please make it for update 1.27.2.x

  10. krum says:

    loui cool

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