Phil Hanley Ltd trailer


This is for a UK frozen foods company which was sold out a few years ago (I used to “pull” for them as an agency driver on “tramping” runs). They were called “Phil Hanley” and they used to run out of a place called Bilsthorpe near Mansfield, Notts.

Author: Derekw1


3 thoughts on “Phil Hanley Ltd trailer

  1. Thank you Derek, very nice trailer. Any chance of doing it to replace bcp profiliner, that would make it complete. Once again, thank you very much 🙂

  2. Hi Paul,
    Thanks for your appreciated comments. I’m not very good at this stuff yet. I did this mod because I couldn’t get the livery of this company which I used to work for.

    I put it together with the help of a great little programme called ETS2 Studio.

    This makes it a standalone trailer which doesn’t replace any company. It will be available to pick up and deliver to several companies including BCP (you need to sleep first before it starts to appear). Also it will appear in AI traffic.

    It is a refrigerated trailer because Hanley’s were a \temperature controlled\ company. They didn’t carry ambient stuff.

    I can do skins for the profiliner but I think they are curtain siders. So if you tell me what you want, I will have a shot at it.

  3. Thank you for your reply Derek, I didn’t realise it was a standalone trailer, but it works well with other mods.

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