Physic 2.0

Physic-2.0-1 Physic-2.0-2

Physic for 1.12.1 game version

Includes Physics:
– Changed physics.sii (there are two versions – with a softer and more rigid cabin)
– Changed the position of the locator (balance chamber) CABIN [] default for all tracks (in truck.pmg)
– Changed residual_travel [] default for all tracks (in defah chassis)
– Changed kerb_weights [] default for all tracks (in defah chassis)

Author: knox_xss


4 thoughts on “Physic 2.0

  1. This is sound great. I use your older mod and works great but with this my ETS 2 1.12 CRASH in loading every time 🙁

  2. MrGermanTruck

    Go to version 1.12.1, i test it

  3. Filip89x
    I have also problems with mods not working/crashing in ETS2 1.12

    1. me too. All were running in 1.11 fine. In 1.12 several crashes

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