Physics by Ageratus for RS RJL V2 all chassis


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Physics by Ageratus for RC RJL V2 all chassis (upd: 07/01/16)

– Increase the impact transverse to the longitudinal axis
– Reduce the softness of the chassis front rear.
– Reduce the damping of the front rear axle.
– Other improvements.
– Tested version 1.22.x



5 Responses to Physics by Ageratus for RS RJL V2 all chassis

  1. Some guy says:

    Does it work with gtm’s P ang G series cabs?They use different chassis.

  2. Ageratus says:

    чё за хуйня?мод удаляем!!!!

  3. было сказано не заливать на другие форумы!!!!пидорасы

  4. Kyle Smith says:

    Good mod and which sound u using pal?

  5. Sebastian says:

    bad mod I regret to spend my time to download it

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