Physics by Ageratus for Scania RS (RJL) BETA


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Physics by Ageratus for Scania RS (RJL) BETA
archive 2 files, one for Topline, one for Longline EXC (own archives signed by all so clear)
Test version 1.21.1



6 thoughts on “Physics by Ageratus for Scania RS (RJL) BETA

  1. Why my RJL Scania looks so high on its wheels… every RJL’s Scania I see on screenshot look like lower than original SCS one … but mine looks so high … like a monster truck lol …anybody has a idea ? For information I don’t use any “physik” mods even this one suggested here.
    Thanks in advance guys 😉

  2. I welcome the author of this gruzovika.pochemu not try to make through blander. or those than you use to create the model. chelovevek reworked once created your model wanted to make a lowered suspension. He said it is possible, through the program. I’d really like to see the original of this modeli with lowered suspension))))) Thanks for the truck and the T series

  3. Hmm I´m not sure what to do with it.
    Do it have to be in the mod map, or what?

  4. DarckScan620

    je trouve ton mod super simpa, mais je ne peu pas l’extraire car je ne trouve pas le mot de pas.
    peu tu me le donner ou me dir ou je peu le trouver.
    merci a toi et encor bravo pour ton mod.

  5. Je trouve ton mod super simpa, mais je n’arrive pas a l’extraire pour l’instaler dans ma partie car il me demande un mot de passe.
    peut tu me le donner ou me dir comment le trouver?
    merci d’avance.

  6. My friend congratulated for their dedication because Scania was very top

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