Physics Mod for ETS2 v1.23


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Tested 1.22 and 1.23 (Steam Beta)
Check the maps:
– ProMods
– RusMap
– Surovaya Russia

Author: by bogdan uk


9 Responses to Physics Mod for ETS2 v1.23

  1. BaloghZsolt says:

    Welcome, you can ask for a link to the trailer?

  2. max says:

    Please password protect 🙁

  3. max says:

    Please password protect 🙁

  4. max says:

    Please password 🙁

  5. luis says:

    but promod works well in 1.23 ?. I think it has errors on several roads

  6. gibanica says:

    one of the better physics mod I ve ever tried before.

  7. steelmagic says:

    Physic perfekt!And problem all truck Magnum,Scania… physic game crash 🙁

  8. Nelson2230 says:

    Best Physic mod !!
    Work perfect on 1.22 promods
    CRASH ON 1.23 PROMODS 2.2
    can you fix it .?

  9. JaniHUN says:

    Best and Great Physics!!!
    Please fixed to 1.25.x pathes
    Me now work 1.25, But a little time and crash.. :/
    (TSM+Rus map 1.6.3)

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