Physics Mod v 3.0


– Updated for 1.12.1 game version
– Physics settings have been entered more realistic for all trucks
– Cabin’s inside shake has been set more realistic

Author: pablos


11 thoughts on “Physics Mod v 3.0

  1. Ivan Barać


  2. Video ?

  3. I’m very curious what visual mod you use.

    Those colors are very realistic.

    1. Ivan Barać

      Probably Lautus graphic v 5.0
      Are you tryed that mod? To me is the best graphic mod.

    2. Gorkal1ty

      Lautus doesnt look that way, even with HDR off and some Sweet FX I dont get that cold and real result, hope anyone helps us : )

      1. Ivan Barać

        I dunno 😉 But I use Launus, and that mod is best mod that I’ve tryed yet 😉

        Maybe is only some weather mod…. maybe cach is in weather effercts.

  4. Bullshit !!!

  5. blunt – IWR20r3 and IWR20r3HD_L + vegetations Brutal E|nvironment HD 9.1

    Video not done

  6. KACAK – dont copy !

    This is my topic !

  7. I hate this because nobody don’t know make a Physics like VAHID everything other is not real.

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