Physics of the Truck v 2.8 from ~Tok~ [V1.32]

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– Improved physics of suspension, cab, engine, transmission, brakes, pneumatic seat, cameras in the cabin.
– The angle of rotation of the wheels has been increased.
– Cruising speed with a load of 20 tons, 500 – 520 l / s, 100 – 115 km / h (depends on the manner of driving).
– Supports all default trailers, as well: Scania R & S from RJL, Galvatron TF4 (Freightliner Argosy).
– For those who are not fond of changes in management, in the archive there is a second file with a standard management registration:
(Physics_of_the_truck_V 2.8_standard_control_from_ ~ Tok ~).

– P.S. The files are locked, except for the chassis, when adding and editing the chassis, when saving, it will ask for the password, just click “ok”.

– Installation:

– Put in the Mod folder, connect it to the mod manager.

– Test on version 1.32.x

– Author: ~ Tok ~


DOWNLOAD 228 KB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 228 KB [Modsbase]

7 thoughts on “Physics of the Truck v 2.8 from ~Tok~ [V1.32]

  1. The cabin moves too much

  2. Hello, Tok,

    I´ve finding out, that your Mod not works with some Trucks
    as the Volvos from Pendragon and Eugene.
    Makes a CTD.
    Otherwise, I like your Mods.

    1. The folder with the chassis is open. Especially left that you could add any tract yourself. From the fashion on the trail, pull out the folder with the “name of the track” and leave only the “chassis” folder in it and write out the progress and load there. And throw in physics along the same path, asks the password to press “ok”. And you can write in the track and put the track below physics.

         “def \ vechicle \ truck \ name of track \ chassis”
      residual_travel[]: 0.22
      residual_travel[]: 0.12
      residual_travel[]: 0.12

      kerb_weight[0]: 5100.1
      kerb_weight[1]: 2350.1
      kerb_weight[2]: 2350.1

    2. There are a lot of trucks. We can not collect everything. Example gave. It is easy to write a for any truck.

  3. thomas perilhou

    can you add renault range t ?

    1. Read the message above. You can prescribe everything yourself.

  4. are you still updating it? using it for years and missing updates on some trucks..

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