Physics v 1.9.x Test


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Another try it’s not final or ultimate

Author: lion002


8 thoughts on “Physics v 1.9.x Test

  1. truck is no speed to drive send new files in truck speed to drive

  2. Rodgeydodge

    This by far the best one I have tried as close to 18.25 version I have seen if you can improve on this your a god ….almost went back to older eurtruck for the physics…all we need now is hungary map and we all be back in trucker heaven ….superb job

    1. Agreed!

      Hungary map rules all other maps!

      I will try this physics mod also.

  3. i see you have the same bug, the carrier lifter stick on the back of the trailer…

    1.’s not a bug..(promods 1.6 map/real life).. Video:

  4. this is really good best one ive used so far maybe a little bit too springy but still the best one well done

  5. eu editei um novo chassis e consegui um resultado muito bom,pois ja estava cansado de testar mods de fisica realista.. se eu pudesse eu iria postar esse chasis, porem não sei como fazer isso…

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