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Indonesia addon map with beautiful nature of Europe. Tested on ETS2 version 1.23.x

Changelogs for this version:
– Adapting compatibility game version in 1.23.
– Rebuilt Labuan Marin.
– Added new curving road and highway around Labuan Marin.
– Rebuilt old road around Labuan Marin to the new one.
– Added new Indonesia traffic sign in left-road traffic region.
– Changed some definition.
– Bugs fixed and made improvements.

– Not require all DLC’s.
– This mod can be complement by other mods (Promods, TSM Map, ROS, EAA, RusMap, etc.)
– More information look the readme.

Hope you like and enjoying this mod.

Special thanks to:
Euro Truck Simulator 2 Base Game, some mods that inspire me, all of comments & suggestion, and much more.

Author: Septian MR

DOWNLOAD 87 MB [Mediafire]
DOWNLOAD 87 MB [panjelajersmap]

12 Responses to PJ Indo Map v 1.7

  1. usman hamsafar says:

    .thank you so much please more update a mountains and rods in valley maps.thanks

  2. Abdi Pranoto says:

    Wow….. Indonesia? menarik sepertinya….

  3. RaphaëlMonaco says:

    Could you please add the Indonesian number plates?

  4. Ethanyl says:

    Septian MR
    amazing work, only discover the 1/4 so far and love the scenic route 🙂
    thank you so much for this beautifull map 🙂 i use it with promods and rusmap without issues 🙂

    Love it so far

    I think people doenst take time to thanks enough 🙂

    Keep up the good work 🙂

  5. dosis_r says:

    Awesome Maps, but can you tell me how to update from older version PJ 1.6 to PJ 1.7 without create new profile..?

  6. jabu says:

    indeed an awesome map to have thanks for the update,you just simply replace your old version with the new version that’s it no need to create a new profile.

  7. prorider4958 says:

    waduh indon ni…mana hutan belantara nye kampong2 nya sy tungguin update ya mas…

  8. Rohan Ail says:

    thank you for the v1.7 update..
    Like always works like charm..
    Thanks alot for this mod.. 🙂

  9. Yuangga says:


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