Scania R620 Bring


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Scania R620 Bring v2.6
– Interior
– Open Pipes Sound
– Work on last game version
– Added DLC Cabin Accessories

Andrey M. I Tomas, Matgamer, _69_mf_

DOWNLOAD 81.5 MB [sharemods]

10 Responses to Scania R620 Bring

  1. Sca says:

    Thank you so much dude (:

  2. Sca says:

    Ok.Waiting . Thanks

    • guest says:

      You can fix that yourself quite easily, unrar the .scs file go into def\vehicle\truck\bring.620\chassis open 6×4.sii file scroll down till you find liftabel_axle and change them like this:
      liftable_axle[0]: false
      liftable_axle[1]: true
      liftable_axle[2]: false

  3. The Rex says:

    No vale me saca el juego :/

  4. Kasper says:

    Would it be possible to upload only the lightbox?

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