PJ Indo Map v 1.8 fixed

PJ-Indo-3 PJ-Indo-1 PJ-Indo-2

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Updated version of map Indonesia

Added city Bebunga and Paleman and improved roads .Fixed all bugs from earlier versions,much rebuilt and altered.

Full compatibility with version 1.24. Is easily combined with most cards.(TSM Map,ProMods,EAA, etc.)

Position in the Mod-Manager does not matter in list of cards to start a new game is optional

Compatibility: MhaPro+RusMap+Panbase

Tested on version 1.24s

Log Clean !

Authors: Septian_MR, fixed: pg group mods


6 Responses to PJ Indo Map v 1.8 fixed

  1. usman hamsafar says:

    old map

  2. routier31300 says:

    before putting your card online boy, with the test promods because ca not go , no home no

  3. JoachimK says:

    Thank you for the Map.
    I drive it with ProMods 2.03, RusMap 1.63

    @ usman – UPDATED VERSION

    I like it… đŸ™‚

  4. blobils says:

    nothing is updated! the file is exact like the original 1.8

  5. vignesh says:

    Is this work for 1.22

  6. Bruno32600 says:

    fake, map no fixed, original map Septian_MR

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