PJ Indo Map v 2.2

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– Compatible for ETS2 version 1.28 and above.
– Added new Indonesian road map overlays, signs, and some new models and assets.
– Added some improvements in Teluk Muara (northern part) and Labuhan Hajisari (southern part).
– More improvements on several places.

– Not require all maps DLC.
– This mod can be complement/combined by other add-on maps (ProMods, Project Balkans, RusMap, TSM, ROS, EAA, etc.)
– More information look at the readme.

Hope you like and enjoying this mod without any problems. Thank you!

Special thanks to:
Euro Truck Simulator 2 Base Game, all mods inspiring me, all of comments & suggestions, and more.



17 thoughts on “PJ Indo Map v 2.2

  1. Lincolnimp

    computer shows unsafe download site

    1. Digital X

      Which part? I get to adfly then mediafire to download it. As much as I hate ad shorteners and money grabbers I do want this map..

  2. один файл рабочий остальные пусто

  3. Yes, is a long way to go through. I have AdBlocker, he told me to stop. NEVER. So I have to wait again 5 Seconds.
    I prefere sharemods, fast and safe.

    1. SeptianMR

      Or just download it on SCS Forum. It’s safe and no ads. 😉

      1. Thanks for your answer. I will do it and bookmark. 😉

      2. udah download pj indo map v2.2
        tapi setelah selesai download per part bukan zip filenya
        satu2nya yang bisa didownload dan berjalan cuma
        PJIM v2.2 Fix1.zip – ZIP archive,
        download via media fire
        bantuannya gan, cara downloadnya

  4. maybe you should download the official version of Septian: https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=197204#p479663

  5. morris12345

    Beautiful map, thank you.

  6. Bonjour
    impossible de télécharger la 004

  7. heavygamer70

    very nice map, love it, tyvm

  8. anybody know the loading order when using tsm 6.6, rusmap 1.7.3 7 paris rebuild

  9. For me, the cars are LHD (driving on right) which isn’t normal Indonesia. Also, as of right now I can’t really tell much of the difference between this and Europe. If you change the vegetation more (palm trees and stuff), get some sort of AI like the crazy Indonesian buses, and many noises, it will seem more realistic. 🙂

  10. anyone else having trouble with part 1 being broken

  11. Great map, thanks for this fine mod. To avoid troubles with the download folks, just go to scs forum.

  12. morbid horrible

    after driving for about 30 mins from dimoro to kalisari the would crash

  13. the+1st+file+is+damaged+and+i+can’t+open+it

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