PJ (Panjelajers) Indo Map v1.4


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Now Panjelajers Indo Map has changed to be PJ Indo Map or you can called PJ Map. Indonesia Map with nature of Europe. Tested in ETS2 version 1.22

– Added new region for left-side traffic.
– Adapting with new features of ETS2 version 1.22
– Added six new cities in the new region (Telukmuara, Cadar, Miliharjo, Argo, Sukoilir, and Parang).
– Rebuilt all northtern part (Hajisari, Ritung, Pradasari, Paleman, Marin, Karangati, Bukitsari, and Gunungjaya).
– Added 3 ferry lines.
– Bugs fixed and made improvements.

More Information is in Readme file.

Note :
– You may not use this mod for commercial purpose.
– If you want to complement with other map mods, you must deactivate PJ_Plus file in Mod Manager.
– If you remix, transform, or build upon this mod, you must add this mod name in credit of your mod.
– No need all DLC’s (Going East and Scandinavia).

Enjoy The Game!

Septian MR

DOWNLOAD 110 MB [mediafire]
DOWNLOAD 110 MB [blogspot]



25 thoughts on “PJ (Panjelajers) Indo Map v1.4

  1. support v1.21.1 gk ??

    1. Ini hanya support 1.22 keatas

  2. Sorry i have found a bug in this map so i give you the new download link that the file name is PJ INDO MAP 1.4 FIX. The links is only in blogspot. If you have file PJ MAP 1.4 download and update again in the the new link in blogspot for fix this bug. Thank you.
    Maaf tadi saya temukan satu bugs di mod ini jadi saya berikan link download yang baru namanya PJ INDO MAP 1.4 FIX. Link download ini hanya tersedia di blogspot. Kalau masih punya file rar PJ MAP 1.4 ganti yang baru seperti di atas untuk fixnya. Trima kasih.
    Blogspot : panjelajersmap.blogspot.co.id

  3. gk di buatin yang untuk v1.22 nya ya mas ?

  4. Ini yang untuk versi 1.22

    1. masfebriyan

      koq aq gk bs make ni maps, udh pake versi 1.22 tp gk bs playing module ttp eropa, bs bantu saya mas?

      1. pakai mod lain nggak? atau cek dulu di Document/Euro Truck Simulator 2/log lalu lihat apa yang error.

  5. mas, request traffick lajur kiri dong. hehe
    saya liat reviewnya kok pake lajur kanan ya.. trims

    1. Ini sudah ada yang pake traffik kiri jalan. Coba lihat lagi gambar peta dan changelog-nya. Di video rewiewnya juga ada beberapa klip yang jalannya pakai traffic kiri.

  6. Error on the map. invisible walls in the city Giramoro towards Bebunga and Labuan . Directly at the company . See photos. The only map that is still in the Promods2.0 modfolder .
    Otherwise a super job !!


    Please Fix it ^^

    1. thank you, i will fix it.
      and find more bugs in this map if there 🙂 .

  7. Game crashes when getting ferry from calais to labaun marin

    1. Thank you, i will fix it.

  8. Is this standalone map..!! add on map??

    1. Addon map

  9. The game is crashed when I went to Stockholm (sweden).
    I tried with new profile but the same problem.

    *Sorry my English is not good!

    1. Check it in gamelog in document>euro ruck simulator 2. I think you have problem with the connection.

      1. This log?

        00:03:00.887 : Missing sign template definition sign_templ.379
        00:03:00.898 : Missing sign template definition sign_templ.379
        00:03:01.009 : Missing sign template definition sign_templ.379
        00:03:01.107 : Missing sign template definition sign_templ.379

  10. Did you have another mod? Or maybe something wrong in your base game like sign template? I have tried driving from marin to rotterdam and no error found in my game.

    1. I have no another map mod, just DLC East and DLC North if they are count.
      I tried only activated your mod, and the game is crashed when I went to Stockholm in Sweden.
      And, when deactivated, I can go to Stockholm without crashing.
      So, I just think the promblem is come from PJ Map.
      Game version is

      *Sorry again for my terrible English 😀

      1. ok, i will try to fix this.

        1. Thank you!

          Can’t wait to play on your map again.

  11. Thank you!
    Can’t wait to play on your map again.

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