Polar Sunset Night (No dark night) – 1.37 and above

For those who like to watch the beautiful landscapes while driving and who can’t see anything at night, or those who lag at night this mod is for you !
The sun never sets down, the night is frozen into an eternal sunset/sunrise, as it normally does above the polar circle (Iceland for example), making the night much clearly visible and brighter, also beautiful with the colourful sunset.
The day is normally lightened.

Compatible with any maps and any other weather mod.
Works with 1.37 and above

inspired by an old mod by piva


4 thoughts on “Polar Sunset Night (No dark night) – 1.37 and above

  1. Никола

    does not work in ETS 2, but in ATS work perfectly.

  2. Did not work for version 1.39

  3. And Iceland is below the Artic circle 🙂

  4. do not work on 1.38

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