Polish City Names 1.51 (Vanilla+Promods+TSM+RusMap+ROS+OE)


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Polish city names for game Euro Truck Simulator 2
Polskie nazwy miast do gry Euro Truck Simulator 2

Version 1.51
– Corrected badly translated city in Promods translation

Version 1.5
– Added Trucksim 6.2 translation

Version 1.4
– Fully translation of Russian Open Spaces (instead of partially translation)
– 16 new cities translated (Russian Open Spaces) (thanks to marmistrzmar)
– 101 new cargo translated (Russian Open Spaces)

Version 1.3
– Added Orient Express 8.2 translation

* Base game translation
* Going East! translation
* Scandinavia translation
* Promods 2.00 translation
* Trucksim 6.2 translation
* RusMap 1.6 translation
* Russian Open Spaces 2.4 translation (thanks to Frachti, marmistrzmar)
* Orient Express 8.2 translation

Detailed credits:
* Narzew – concept & all translations
* Frachti – english translation of Russian Open Spaces, base for Polish translation
* marmistrzmar – correcting 16 city names in Russian Open Spaces translation

Narzew, Frachti, marmistrzmar


4 Responses to Polish City Names 1.51 (Vanilla+Promods+TSM+RusMap+ROS+OE)

  1. Tatarin says:

    cruise how you combined map about mods with Rus map?

    • Narzew says:

      This is separate translations for each map.
      Set 1: Promods+RusMap+Russian Open Spaces
      Set 2: Trucksim + Orient Express

      • Tatarin says:

        inposible bro

        • Narzew says:

          If you have Trucksim – you install Polish Trucksim translation
          If you have Promods – you install Polish Promods translation etc.
          You can mix TSM with OE using MarcinTPL’s fix.

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