Polish City Names v 2.2 (Vanilla + Promods + TSM + RusMap + MarioMap + SR + ROS + OE + MHE + EAA + HR)

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Polskie nazwy miast dla Euro Truck Simulator 2
Polish city names for Euro Truck Simulator 2
* Base game translation
* Going East! translation
* Scandinavia translation
* Promods 2.1 translation
* Trucksim 6.4 translation
* RusMap 1.63 translation
* Southern Region 5.0 translation
* Russian Open Spaces 3.0 translation (thanks to Frachti, marmistrzmar)
* Orient Express 9.0 translation
* Morozov Express 6.5 translation
* MHAProEU 2.2.2 translation
* EAA 4.1 translation
* Harsh Russia R11 translation
* Mario Map 11.9 translation

Version 2.2
– Added MarioMap 11.9 translation
– Added Orient Express 9.0 translation
– Added Morozov Express 6.5 translation
– Fixed some badly translated cities

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Do not reupload!

Narzew, Frachti, Marmistrzmar


3 Responses to Polish City Names v 2.2 (Vanilla + Promods + TSM + RusMap + MarioMap + SR + ROS + OE + MHE + EAA + HR)

  1. Runardamp says:

    PL: Miasto “Le Havre” (havre.sii) powinno się nazywać “Hawr”
    EN: CIty “Le Havre” (havre.sii) should be named as “Hawr”

  2. Francesco says:

    Which mod has map of Italy?

  3. Giorgos says:

    does anyone know how can i make it work !! i have downloaded it and moved all the scs files in the mode folder but when i open the game and select the modes it doesn’t change anything. i also tried one by one and again nothing changed !

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