Polish Special Vehicles v 1.0

This mod added 12 special Polish vehicles to AI traffic. In some I added beacon lights and sirens. This mod should’ve working with other AI mods, tested and working on v1.30

– Ford Transit – police car
– Ford Transit ’16 – transmission car
– Mercedes Sprinter – ambulance (normal and beacon lights and sound)
– Mercedes Sprinter – Inspection of Road Transport
– MAN – Fire truck – (normal and beacon lights and sound)
– VW Transporter T6 – fire dept.
– VW Transporter T6 – energy service
– VW Transporter T6 – gas service (normal and beacon lights and sound)
– Kia Ceed – police car (by SCS but added beacon lights and sound)



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9 thoughts on “Polish Special Vehicles v 1.0

  1. O kurde szatan! super robota 😉 już pobieram 😀

    1. Satan** #autokorekta

  2. Can you share this mod for Jazzycat with permission?

  3. nice addition but the sprinter is in conflict with the default ai car:
    [model] Unknown look name ‘tvp’ on model ‘/vehicle/ai/ford_transit_2016/ai.pmd’
    would you mind please correct it for the next version? for personal use I removed sounds

  4. jean-michel cristol

    faut’il créer nouveau profil pour voir cette notification

  5. GoldLightMe

    sound 1~2second -_-;;

  6. Impossible de trouver les véhicules chez les concessionnaires…. Help?

  7. Pls update for 1.31

  8. PatrykPL w trasie

    Może by tak aktualizacja do wersji 1.32?

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