Port Marseille MHAPro Map

his mod will restore the port in Marseille.
The ferry is located in a container terminal.
The archive contains two files:
– Fix_port_Marseille_Mha.scs – for use on the MHAPro map support version 1.32-5
– Fix_port_Marseille_Mha_Afromap.scs – for use on the MHAPro map + AfroMap v1.7

Ferries from Marseille to Palermo and Algiers (AfroMap)
Load order:
MHAPro files
AfroMap files

Heavy Alex, SlavikSD

DOWNLOAD 2 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 2 MB [Modsbase]

2 thoughts on “Port Marseille MHAPro Map

  1. für die promods auch ??

    1. Port in Marseille made for MHAPro map

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