Prefect Real Physics V2.3


If you want to take ultimate pleasure of the game do not miss this mod!

I tried the physics of this game to be close to reality as possible.
This mod is just for 1.12.1 and not work good on older version.

In this version:

Rebuild majority of parameter
Improve handling and braking at low and high speed
More realistic movement of pneumatic suspension of the cap
Refined the action suspension of the chassis wheels(front and rear of truck/trailer)
And more…

I’m Hoping that you enjoy!



9 thoughts on “Prefect Real Physics V2.3

  1. Video?

  2. Retarder dose not work 🙁 🙁
    Can you fix it?

  3. Gorkal1ty

    Video please… Using Greget´s right now:

  4. by what ? I enjoy!

    but sorry

    ### total wrong settings and full side of red…red…

  5. THE MOST REALISTIC Physics i’ve ever tried incredible good work GJ GUYS

  6. Best psyhics ever don’t change nothing anymore…

  7. Friends who have problems with retarder should say that because you are interfering with one of mods.
    If you test whit no mod you see that the retarder work very well.

  8. luiz zani

    and the angle of the trailer?

  9. True. If you have problems with retarder, just add a couple of zzz-s at the beginning of the filename.

    The physics are indeed great. The movement of the cabin and everything.

    I’m just wondering why I can still go 80km/h through the curve of an motorway exit with full cargo without a problem. 🙁

    This complaint isn’t for you actually but to the developers of the game. If we’re striving for simulation, why the sudden superpowers in the bends. Might as well simulate like it has 4000HP and have 0-100km/h in 5 seconds.

    I’m sorry for my ranting here. It really isn’t your fault.

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