Pro BD Map

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This is the mod of the country “Bangladesh” with a scale of 1:20.

Tested Version: 1.30

Sultan Mahmud


13 thoughts on “Pro BD Map

  1. crashes bangladesh.mbd selected. whitout other mods

  2. is this standalone or compatible with promods???

    1. standalone map, bangladesh.mbd module

      The map works the first time it is started. After leaving the game for the 2nd time, the profile does not start 🙁

  3. noelasegg


  4. Is this map exclusively for passenger transportation?
    Is there no trailer in Bangladesh?

    1. It seems that for passenger traffic. The first order in the freight market begins at the bus terminal.

  5. everytime i get to select a starting point It crashes even without mods

  6. ionut samoila


  7. I do not like the cheat profile that I got by following ”Instructions.txt” file, so when I tried to enter via “Bangladeshh.mbd” after creating a new and clean profile, the crash repeated and I can not drive at all. How exactly is this mod structured?

  8. Crash on 1.30 … most *.scs are shown incompatible in mod manager!

  9. martin5912017

    Hi, No Q job or other of any type the lists are blank ??

  10. Map works quite well. Job offers exist but not in every town.

  11. Map works OK one day. The next day game crashes !! Too many bugs. I used three different profiles including the one recommended and I stop now.

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