Pro Mod v 1.95 + Satellite Maps

Pro Mod v 1.95 + Satellite Maps (1) Pro Mod v 1.95 + Satellite Maps (3) Pro Mod v 1.95 + Satellite Maps (2)

The map has been renamed to satellite instead of colour as it’s more descriptive of what it really is.

Due to the release of the new DLC many of the ports appeared inland or in the sea. Coasts and inlets have been adjusted to suit.

The map in general has been cleaned up to try and get a crisper image.
The file size has increased to roughly 27.5mb as now there is no compression applied to the dds files, although the whole mod has been “compressed” using the ETS Studio mod merge tool.

“Undiscovered cities” in the jobs market now have a pale blue marker instead of being invisible (a side effect being that all the cities when boarding and choosing a ferry have now turned blue, but I can’t help that).

Author: Elmer BeFuddled

DOWNLOAD 27 MB [Mediafire]
DOWNLOAD 27 MB [Sharemods]

11 Responses to Pro Mod v 1.95 + Satellite Maps

  1. marchamilton says:

    cant get this tp work !!
    got ETS2 v1.18
    promods v1.95
    poland rebuild v1.96
    russia v1.49
    email me please : [email protected]

  2. max37800 says:

    what is the map for the cities of France ?
    sorry for my english I am french

  3. maddison says:

    Original Tread SCS Forum, this is where you should look further:

  4. marchamilton says:

    thanks maddison but i still have problems, is there anyone who can help me ? i can send pics of my mods folder but i cant here my email : [email protected]

  5. marchamilton says:

    must this mod load after all my maps ? wats the order ?

  6. Christer says:

    This mod doesn’t do anything for me the map looks the same (No Colors just like the standard promod) I have ETS 2 1.18x both DLCs (East and Scandinavia)

  7. dsadsdsa says:


  8. bckobra says:

    This mod does not change anything; but first try to put them on the internet ??? The map remains unchanged. Please check the author. thanks

  9. Guy for Finland says:

    I would like to ask if mods get ETS 2 downloaded to my computer? My ETS 2 version is 1.17.1s.

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