Profile with Custom Trucks for Multiplayer

24 Custom trucks for multiplayer with bars,small light and lights. All trucks have 730hp or 750hp engines with custom transmissions. DO NOT CHAGE ANYTHING BECAUSE ALL CUSTOMIZATION WILL BE LOST !!!!
CAUTION: The Profile will work ONLY if you have ALL the following ————- DLC MAPS ————-
This project made by Black Dog and is personal own work.
Have a nice trips with your new trucks guys !
Truckers MP Profile: [GREEK TRANS] – Black Dog

[GREEK TRANS] – Black Dog


9 thoughts on “Profile with Custom Trucks for Multiplayer

  1. καλο που ενας ελληνας ασχολειτε με αυτο το παιχνιδι ,αλλα ρε φιλε μια φωτο ,η ενα βιντεο να ξερουμε τι περιπου ειναι

    1. [GREEK TRANS] - Black Dog

      γεια σου νασο .ειναι ενα προφιλ με πολα φωρτηγα μεσα φτιαγμενα που ειναι και για το multiplayer,εχω βαλει και φωτο 🙂

  2. Great job as always!!
    Well done and thank you buddy!

    1. [GREEK TRANS] - Black Dog

      thanks you man 😀

  3. damaged file

    1. [GREEK TRANS] - Black Dog

      hi monir : You need all dlc map expansions to play with this profile.
      Can you give me more info ?

  4. Vforvlive

    Καλησπέρα αδερφέ μου
    Να είσαι καλα

  5. Olá, alguém poderia me confirmar se esse arquivo deve ser colocado na pasta “mod” ou se em outra pasta? Obrigado!

  6. Desculpem! Esse chat bagunçou tudo.

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