Project Japan v0.1 BETA Patch 1

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Project Japan is a new map mod taking place in a 1:19 recreation of Japan. It has been in development since June 2017 and is now finally ready for the release stages. This current version includes the 3 north-central Japanese cities of Toyama, Kanazawa and Takayama with the towns and hamlets inbetween. The environments sorrounding the cities are highly detailed and hope to bring you close to the Japanese spirit and variant of truck driving!

—————– UPDATES ———————
Updated read me.
Numerous fixes with road signs and scenery.
Other smaller fixes.
Added service station in Kanazawa.
Tweaks on several roads.
Fundaments for new roads.

Instructions are found in a READ ME file. Make sure you read.

This mod is stand-alone, you need a new profile.

FLD for road prefabs.
Koutuu for some dependable assets, models and sounds.



[email protected]
Preferably contact us on Twitter.


1. wangan_def
2. wangan_model
3. wangan_sound
4. ProjectJapan

This mod builds upon TokyoBayshore assets with permission from Koutuu. He also gladly contributed with more assets to this project and we are grateful to thank him for his contributions.



20 thoughts on “Project Japan v0.1 BETA Patch 1

  1. neranjana

    HD Video Test 1.30

  2. Looks great judging by the pictures and videos. Few questions however:

    1. ) Does it cooperate or rather “conflict” with ProMods?
    2. ) Do you, by any chance, have a pic of the Map? Where is it located? what are the connections? etc…

    1. This is a STANDALONE map, you will see neither conflict or cooperation, lol… They’re on different module

      1. I see. Thanks

  3. martin5912017

    Love this mod great work

  4. Thanks stoke_dude, very interesting map. I hope that the toll gate will open now, I could not go through!!

  5. Anyone can help me? I do the first job, but i cant end it, because i cant see the icon

  6. Driverstein

    Video with this amazing map bellow,thank you very much for your work,is a very good and detailed map,promises a lot,congrats!

  7. Great mod, good work. I will to next patch.

  8. Nice Map #### City road gate dont open ok?? (i have SCS fix and gates open now! i hope more road and City very soon !because map is too smool now!

  9. Is there no Japanese number plate on AI vehicle?
    Or that’s my problem? Thanks.

    1. JalvlieWong

      All of the number plates for me are from Great Brittain, not sure if they plan on working in Japanese license plates for the vehicles, but it would really help with immersion. Fingers crossed I suppose.

  10. wangan_sound not showing up in the mod manager?

    1. When it tells me to select garage, I see the japan picture in the background but it still shows me european cities over the top

  11. FlorinZEW

    Such a nice map dude. I love it. Good job.

  12. Diwakar N

    I love this japanese map,also add more cities in future releases,I could find small bug within 30 minutes of gameplay , while raining it rains but also the rain showers even under the bridges,tunnels,toll booths,fix it up .Thanks.

  13. BlueBrotherJordan

    can i play on vision 1.31 ?

  14. Anonymous

    Corrupted Archive for the main file.

  15. its not compatible with game.can i install this mod for v1.3.1?

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