Project Kuban Map v 3.0

Tested 1.30.x game

Order in the mods Manager:
1. kuban_def
2. kuban_model
3. kuban_map
4. Objects for the map ( kuban_model2 )
5. RusMap Model 2 Package
6. RusMap Model Package
7. RusMap def Package
8. RusMap map Package

Version 3.0:
* Added towns: Tihoretsk, Ternovskaya, Krinitsa, Novoleushkovskaya, peace
* Only 114 kilometres
* Requires DLC “Scandinavia”, “Goint East”, “France” and a map RusMap v1.8
* Select game module: russia_map.mbd

Kirill Mitrakov


14 thoughts on “Project Kuban Map v 3.0

  1. It is version 2.0 from 04.04.2018

    1. Cruise, thx

  2. spartacus33

    Thanks a lot Kirill… i test it now !!!

  3. Please help! I can’t see the towns. My profile is as you advice with Rusmap.
    Could you list the towns being in you map?

  4. spartacus33

    Mistraou… Finaly same as you !!!
    I don’t see the city in the Rusmap or all around !!!
    AND…….. i can’t buy others trucks, cause 3 crash one by one…
    I respect the order in Mod Manager, i know my games and my other big profils work well…
    Damned… a solution Kirill please ??? (spaciba)

  5. Sergey061

    И снова чистейший фейк)))
    Официальная версия на данный момент 2.0 (источник – страница автора в ВК)…

  6. It is important to start with a new profile. I will test it.

  7. Not working. I start the game and it is impossible to select a town at the beginning!! I stop trying.

  8. spartacus33

    Same as Mistraou…. and DAMNED … all my profils are broken…
    i delete this 4 files and the profil with Rusmap and…. i was try to launch my 2 other profils, but my ETS2 load, load, load etc etc….
    Finaly , i ‘ve delete all for uninstall my ETS 2 to reinstall …#### !!!

  9. I found the solution. Only a few towns can be selected but they are at the extreme far east of the map.

  10. Only 6 cities are on the map. Nothing in whole Russia, nothing in western Europ. The map is a true mess!

  11. Fake version, this is v2.0 of the map

  12. Kirill, the problem is that there is no connection with Rusmap and Western Europ. We are limited to Kuban!
    In the next update, please, make circulation possible from Kuban to other regions and countries.
    Another point : for a journey of 60 km we need more than 2.30 hours (game time). Driving on very long straight roads is not very exciting.
    A translation of the city names in english would be great.
    Thanks in advance. I hope you can improve your project and I am waiting for it.

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