Reworked S.KI Solid v 2.0 by FreD_

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Reworked SCS Tipper Trailer by FreD_
(It’s a rework, so nothing Standalone, just a replacement !)

Changelog 2.0

* reworked Lightmasks (placed Flares correctly)
* reworked Lights (Changed Textures of Position Lights)
* removed Decals (Added them as 3D Planes)
* Added new Shadows
* rebaked Textures to get higher Quality
* corrected all Logos
* Customizeable License Plate

Changelog 1.0

* reworked Lights
* new Lightmasks
* New Mudflaps
* New Decals
* Liftable Axle

Pls. don’t reupload and keep Original Link!
(download link below is an original)

FreD_, SCS


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