Project MHE – Beta Map 4.0


This is a preliminary version of the difficulties that will be in
version 5.0 of MHE Project.
The project is made based on the original card (StandartMap) ETS 2 +

This version has the following updates:
The new road between the towns of Verona and Innsbruck,
Wooden bridge , near Verona ,
Wooden bridge on the road near Innsbruck Death (Road Kill),
Many problems on the road Death (Road Kill),
Road Kill almost completed.

Just added in this version:
The new sound engine for Scania;
New truck Peterbilt;
Skins Pack for Peterbilt;
Skins ( coloring ) for Scania;
Spare parts and various accessories ;

Edited the original road map :
– Became more irregularities in plan and profile ;
– There were potholes and stones on the pavement ;
– There were dirt roads with different obstacles .

Installation : Beta map ( file format scs.) Must be installed R03;
R03; in My Documents \ Euro Truck Simulator 2 \ mod and activated in
the profile.
Tested on ETS 2 version 1.7.1 + DLC
Powered by ETS 2 DLC versions 1.8.h.h
You can continue to the old profile if you’re playing on StandartMap.

ETS2 Brasil


19 thoughts on “Project MHE – Beta Map 4.0

  1. R03???

    1. Ya same question,Does it mean RO 3.0 Map?

  2. Brian Earl Spilner

    “New truck Peterbilt;
    Skins Pack for Peterbilt;”

    What model Peterbilt?

  3. Hy, ETS2 Brasil, can you make this work with TSM map too

  4. It is works with TSM 4.5.6 but one care on Ai is deficient. Told the game_log.txt. Sometimes DX9 sound buffer is too small and exit the game. How can I increased the buffer?

  5. truck dealer crashed.

  6. can someone please upload to another site?

  7. Metaltom68


  8. Андрей

    эта карта полное гавно извините за выражение,тут одни не русские,не качайте карту,у меня при выборе груза вылет,у меня лицензия,и включен был только этот мод

  9. perfect good job scania&peterbilt no probleme excellent

  10. What Is RO 3.0?

  11. What Is Download Link For RO3?

  12. labs darbs taisāt vēl ir jautri nelielus gabalus redzēt sarežģītus vel kādu paslēpto ceļu un ideāli…paldies par darbu

  13. all my friends, please help me.
    why after I load the game trailers out its own job,
    eurotrucksimulator 2 steam has stopped working with v.
    if I use another folder there is never a problem like that.
    I just use a mod xp parking. thank you …

  14. How to see on map the south part????

  15. No trecho sentido Verona-Linz há muitos trechos de ruas asfaltadas, mas que, por alguma razão, balançam muito o caminhão como se, na verdade, existissem muitas pedras grandes invisíveis.

    Há trechos onde é possível ver o subsolo mas com uma paisagem dentro.

    Por favor, criem um post para melhor discussão.

    grato e sucesso!

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