Projects Imagination Map 1.5 Update ( 1.35 FULL DLC )

– This mod runs on version 1.35 Full DLC (I haven’t tried another version, but maybe you can try it first: b, but remember, full DLC is mandatory!)
– This map is just a map created by imagination, the name of the city, the atmosphere of the city, everything is just my imagination.
– City names (Cianjur and Bandung) are only for the initial map making test, and I haven’t had the chance to change the names.
– Start in any city is up to you.
– Special Transport DLC is not yet available.

What’s new in 1.5?

– New town (Northern)
– Fixed terrain gaps
– Improved visibility for some models
– Fixed some annoying bugs
– New path
– New model
– New random event on the way
– New great Spot Screenshot.

Want to drive more fun? use a big trailer truck, and drive from Cianjur to Northen, if possible without toll roads to make it more attractive

Galih Raditya


6 thoughts on “Projects Imagination Map 1.5 Update ( 1.35 FULL DLC )

  1. AvM Transport

    1.35? Really? You know, 1.40 is the actual version?

    1. Galih Raditya

      Yeah i used 1.35 to created this map, but i don’t know this map are work 1.40 or not 🤔

  2. morris12345

    Version goes fine everything Ok.

  3. morris12345

    The map works and I have a problem with the map from 1.35, as I update it to 1.40, there are no companies and the costs do not know what to do with them.

    1. Galih Raditya

      So,if this mod used in 1.40,there are no companies?

      Ok thank you for this report

  4. morris12345

    I wrote about my map what I made in version 1.35 and when I redo it in the editor to 1.40 there are no more companies I need advice on what to do with it.

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