After more than 4 months of work and despair I finally present to you map extension addon. This addon adds the East Frisian city of Emden to ProMods in the north of Germany. It includes 3 companies, a gas station, a garage, a parking spot as well as custom models of major city landmarks. It also fixes and improves parts of the old map around the interchange.

Build on ETS2 version 1.30.X and ProMods 2.26.
!Compatible with 1.31.X!
Place the pm_emden_1_0.scs file into your Euro Truck Simulator 2mod folder. When in the game activate the mod in the mod manager and make sure to place it above all ProMods files.

For this addon to work you will need all seven ProMods packages as well as all current ETS2 DLC’s (Going East, Scandinavia, Vive La France & Italia).



5 thoughts on “PROMODS ADDON – EMDEN V1.0 [1.31.X]

  1. TheOldMan

    FAKE!!!! Promods version for ETS2 1.31.x not yet available so this addon won’t work

  2. How can this work on the 1.31 beta when promods doesn’t and is required?

  3. Arthur Vince

    What Carlo says, Promods 2.26 doesnt work with the 1.31 beta version, so this info isnt correct..

  4. karte funzt ned it 1.30?? andauernd abstürze also kannste mit 1.30 vergessen ,komisch ist das 1.31 noch ned funzt und die karten immer als erstes kommen komisch sowas ,bringt nix der mist

  5. @all- You can read:

    BUILD on ETS2 version 1.30.X and ProMods 2.26´
    That says only, that the work was done in 1.30 LOL

    I have it with PM 2.27 and everything is OK.

    NO FAKE !

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