ProMods&RusMap Correctmap 1.26


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This mod is so that those who want to see the map without scrolling when combining the Rusmap + Promods, have the option to do it through a fix created for that purpose.
Although both maps are extraordinarily well done, and both look good separately, it is true that when both maps are combined, the image of the map is completely shifted.

For the mod to take effect correctly, place it on the Road Connection. As it appears in the video.

Author: Rockeropasiempre
Weight of file: 95 KB

Please respect the author’s original link.


16 thoughts on “ProMods&RusMap Correctmap 1.26

  1. Berlin-Trigger


  2. Berlin-Trigger

    no video there

  3. Useless mod. Map problem it’s only when you have wrong mods load order and in Promods def don’t check Rus map compatibility

    1. Completely right. Pointless mod.

  4. WarthogCC

    Yeah I don’t see a displaced map. My load order is the same as in the RusMap readme file.

    ProMods+RusMap Connection
    RusMap Map Package
    RusMap Model 2 Package
    RusMap Model Package
    ProMods Definition Package
    ProMods Map Package
    ProMods Media Package
    ProMods Models Package 2
    ProMods Models Package 1
    ProMods Assets Package
    RusMap Def Package

  5. Czy wersja 1.26 z dodatkiem Vive La France posiada dodatek DLC Going East + Skandynawie czy nie jest to konieczne do mapy i wystarczy 1 nowy ten 3 do mapy

  6. Video Test on my Youtube Channel

  7. promod = Bad optimization fall to 10 fps in cities and freeways

  8. sorry to say but there is know promods map 2.12.
    so how can we use this…

    1. biggy smalley

      Need to check before you speak.

  9. Useless mod, just check the Rusmap compability and you will have it directly in the DEF of Promods

  10. lordheart

    Hi, and where can i download the ProMods 2.12? Its not in this page.

  11. lordheart

    And where can i download the ProMods 2.12? Its not in this page. pls dont delete my msg. I only asking, nothing more. Without ProMods 2.12 i cant start this mods.

    1. <- Only here you can download Promods.
      Don't download this mods.(Read comment below)

  12. It+works+fine.+Thanks+you,+man.

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