PromZona 2.1 (Connections ROS 5.0 & RusMap 1.7.4)

Connections patch for ROS 5.0 & RusMap 1.7.4
Tested 1.28



3 thoughts on “PromZona 2.1 (Connections ROS 5.0 & RusMap 1.7.4)

  1. it’s work with promods, poland rebuilding, Scandinavia addon v0.2, paris rebuild, SR, rusmap, RK map The great steppe more???

  2. Hi great idea. Do you consider making the connections for the cities of Saratov, Ershov or Uralsk? That would be even better. Thanks

  3. I order mods like on picture and the game crash,please help,I dont have any others mods

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