ProRus Map v 1.1

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Continued maps. Added Vitebsk city and locality Volkovysk. Fixed errors of the previous version, added the customs at the border added to the gas station and on every bit melocham.Dannaya version is now compatible with TSM map. In order to fix a bunch of maps enclosed in a folder location of the files shown in the screenshot.

Author: diman26

DOWNLOAD 615 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 615 MB [Uploadfiles]

10 Responses to ProRus Map v 1.1

  1. Goosy says:

    Thank you !

  2. The Travellers says:


  3. mickeyd33 says:

    i find the name very confusing, this is NOT original Rusmap people!

  4. Harald-RS says:

    Is this a Addon for ProMods.

  5. Usuck says:

    Fking copycat
    Create your own name
    Besides ,this map is completely ####,only three cities in 615 mb file, srsly?

  6. TheBrazilianTrucker says:

    This is fake and garbage
    Do not download this

  7. arion90 says:

    PRO_shit map !!! ist nothing

  8. SamoPlsKYS says:

    Warning: this map has nothing to do with Rusmap or Promod, and it is utter #### ; download with your own risk.

  9. gerd_e says:

    Whatever this update means, first the author should explain in description, what this map is meant for and what it includes in the vast of the other available map-mods and what it does not meet.
    So – in general – tell us people about YOUR map and in the comparison with other published maps.
    Not so much efforts for you, I think so.
    Just be a bit more open to tell us all the details, can you?
    PS: It is ONE thing to present something. and it is ANOTHER thing to show your own work about comaptibillity with all other existing maps.
    Hope you’ll understand what I talk about.
    See the bigger picture instead to loose yourself in something nebulous, can you ?
    This ‘can you’ is now placed twice.
    So think about…….

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