ProSvet Light Pack

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Big tuning addon pack “ProSvet” :
-This pack has collected the best tuning in Euro Truck Simulator 2
-More than 300 different accessories in one pack.

50keda, SASq, obelihnio, Niksarli, Big T, powerkasi, vlad1590


12 thoughts on “ProSvet Light Pack

  1. neranjana

    HD Video Test 1.33

    1. WOW, thanks

  2. GermanETS2Driver

    permission from the modders?

  3. verry good mod thank

  4. And again a stolen ligth pack.
    Since I prefer to use the Ligthpacks of the UrModdern than your zusammengeklautes material and man can also load in the SCS Forum.
    It just can not understand how to make mine enrich my other work. By such types as you disappear more and more modders from the scene and want to share their mods with the community no longer.

    1. Kevin Naldony

      learn english mate, thats better – if u dont any idea what u write about. U silly guy

  5. Nefunguje+všechno,jen+pár+věcí

  6. It just doesn’t work, it’s just a few things

  7. Beacon doesn’t work
    Slots are grey and no lights fit in
    But nice lights❤

  8. mustafa salınan

    Hello, since my system is low, I am playing the game on geforge now. You have the chance to add the quality mode to the steam workshop.

  9. Can someone tell me the mod like this for 1.28 version?????? Plissss

  10. Update to 1.40??

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