PROtrack 540


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PROtrack 540 cargo for overweight trailer.
Replaces other cargoes.
Vers: 1.15.1s (test older ones)



7 thoughts on “PROtrack 540

  1. HD PROtrack 540 Test 1.15.1s moja ocena 5/5

  2. ENB ?

  3. Scaniadriver

    Jesus what the hell is this…?

    is this a real machine – or some from outha space?
    dont get me wrong but what is this?is this a real machine?
    the mod is good work but please some info about this
    thanks man

    1. fantastic

  4. Scaniadriver

    Looks like you are able to fly from one place to the nexz to dig a hole

  5. Model of the tracked vehicle by Fabrice Heillouis.

    Proper credits next time!

  6. erick2746

    tienes facebook

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