Radar Detector v1.3

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-In Modes added radar detector (when approaching a speed camera voice warns
on the radar). Powered by a standard map, maps of The Scandinavia, Going East, Vive La France, on the map RusMap v1.7.1.,
and Southern Region v.6.0.0 map
-Radar Added accessories.

How to install:

-Set In the mod folder archive RADAR-DETECTOR v1.3.scs;
-Set In the mod folder archive RusMap_v1.7.1.scs, agree with the replacement of files;
-Set In the mod folder archive SRmap_ [Def and Map] .scs, agree with the replacement files.
-If You need to alert a woman’s voice, instead of RADAR-DETECTOR v1.3.scs archive set
archive RADAR-DETECTOR v1.3 female voice.scs



5 thoughts on “Radar Detector v1.3

  1. not hearing any voices, female or otherwise in the video

  2. Throw it away, too many bugs !

  3. With the Replacement of Rus-Map Game crashes, when going to russian Garages.
    I use older Version without Voice and Russia, etc.

    1. And there is something more.
      He changes the Maps and there a Lot of Errors,
      as Dado-J has always written. 🙁

  4. Your radar real problem or bug on a large intersection between Hanover and Magdeburg, this is the way to prevent the hill, which prevents the passage of vehicles. Also at the petrol station near Hannover on the road appeared a metal plate with a sign directing to move into the right lane road and is located exactly between the third and second traffic lane in the direction of Hanover.In addition, the mode was stolen from Shumi.

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