Radio Stations v 4.0

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Radio stations, bug fixes, all working.
Do not re-upload, thanks



9 Responses to Radio Stations v 4.0

  1. johnytruck says:

    pleas all czech radios

  2. maryjm30 says:

    In the next update I will put Czech radios

  3. johnytruck says:

    ok,thank you

  4. Tatula_SRB says:

    are there serbian stations?

  5. maryjm30 says:

    There isn’t serbian stations, in the next update also I will put

  6. Samtrucker says:

    Hi! I downloaded this radio stream, but in my ETS2 none radios plays, even I made the updated with the internet conexion, but the problem still continues! Just one radio plays , sometimes! Whats happening? How can I fix it??

  7. maryjm30 says:

    Hi. I suppose you copied the file live streams and pasted in the eurotruck folder of my documents, right? If you update the radio stations in the game, those that come standard will reappear.
    I do not know what problem it may be, they continue to work for the moment, although I will update them soon.

  8. G.F.Later says:

    stream_data [22] not working

  9. maryjm30 says:

    I’m sorry, I have to update the radio mod again, it took time without updating

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