Radio Update 1.02 – by GemblerSlovak

Radio-Update-1 Radio-Update-2 Radio-Update-3

added 1.02 – 1 england, 7 belgium, 5 netherland, 1 dannish
+ updated Q-Music, Radio 538 Hitzone, SLAM!FM, Veronica Rock
+ replaced Radio 538 Top 40 to Radio 538 Party
+ replaced RadioNL to Nova Classic Rock
+ replaced Veronica Top 1000 to FunX Dance

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Authors: SCS Software, GemblerSlovak


7 thoughts on “Radio Update 1.02 – by GemblerSlovak

  1. Thanks a bunch!

  2. Very nice thanks! I want to put one radio station! How? With IP? If yes, where can i found it?

    1. GemblerSlovak

      in the livestreams.sii folder is radio stations
      go to one radio station and copy it
      change the parameters for you

      TH for feedback
      My english is´nt good, sorry

  3. speedy311

    Great radio stations. Keep up the good work!
    Greetings from the Netherlands

  4. Is there a chance for Croatian radio

  5. GemblerSlovak

    Thanks for feedback!
    Yes in future versions certainly yes!
    Thanks for using my creation! 😀

  6. Russian beast

    Thank you guys for your work! Please add in the next version more scandinavian and finnish radio stations.

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