Rain & Fog In HD V2.4


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New Version Rain & Fog In HD Add V2.5 V2.5 is now Compatible With ETS 1.14.x & 1.15.x & 1.16.x
There are 2 versions of this mod, second version includes Xenon Lights Blue for all trucks.

*Corrected Errors In The Log File
*Corrected Skybox issues with the fog

Features In Rain & Fog In HD Add On V2.5 Version:
* Compatible To Work With ETS Game Versions 1.14.x & 1.15.x & 1.16.x
* Corrected Errors In The Log File
* Some More Tweaks Regarding The Weather/Rain/Fog.
* Realistic Thunder Sounds Inside Cabin & Outside Cabin the Truck HD.
* Realistic Rain Sounds Inside Cabin & Ouside Cabin HD.
* Realistic Rain Drops/Windshield Effects HD.
* Works With/Without Brutal Environment & Other Similar Mods.

Please Do not Re-upload in any other hosting site/s keep the original download link and if u post else where give the proper credits, Thank you.



6 thoughts on “Rain & Fog In HD V2.4

  1. Rain & Fog In HD Add On V2.5 Plus Xenon Lights Blue For All Trucks:
    Download: http://sharemods.com/zwnzaarjmydw/Rain_Fog_HD_Add_On_V2.5_Plus_Xenon_Lights_Blue_By_Kass.rar.html

    P.S: Could Admin Edit main title its V2.5 not V2.4 Thanks

  2. EJTruckingINC

    Awesome mod..its the best I’ve seen 🙂 Can you make it where you can here the thunder inside the cab…cause i’m only hearing the thunder when sticking my head outside the window lol….Cheers!!!

    1. StillVirgin

      I can hear inside cabin without sticking head out, u need to change the External volume, up in order for u to hear inside the cabin the thunders and rain sounds.
      U can do that by Editing game_data.sii then change for something like this:
      interior_sound_volume: 0.29
      interior_sound_pitch: 1.0

      after u will hear it

  3. Same here, i cant hear thunders inside. Fix it please. Great rain drops and sound, great fog (u fixed last version, well done!) and amazing/scary thunders outside. Maybe the wind sound isnt so good but i need more testing. Good job!

    1. Do this open Def/game_data.sii/interior_sound_volume & change to:
      interior_sound_volume: 0.50 // Interior sound attenuation value (the outside sounds will have 5% of original volume)

      U should be able to hear inisde cabin without sticking ur head out, plus u will not get wet either now after u change that as i said above 🙂

  4. EJTruckingINC

    LOL ok will give it a try….thanks!!!

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