Rain Mod


This mod for a close as possible to encourage a realistic experience summer in the cabin

Author: AlterEgos


12 thoughts on “Rain Mod

  1. Video?

  2. AlterEgos

    who ever uploaded this could at least respect the modders and ask first, just saying…

    1. strumf123

      True dat,

      Real author of that mod is AlterEgos

      this is just game_data.sii unpack from red expert 1.7

      Man next time lock .sii .dds .pmg files!

  3. video pls

    1. I have tried the mod, it very good, but you can’t see the mirrors, both left and right.

      1. Thrakazog

        Perhaps this isn’t the latest version. I got the latest one from AlterEgos, and although rain piles up when not moving, it swooshes off the side windows while in motion, and I can see both side mirrors just fine. A wonderful mod, IMO.

        1. You are a lucky guy!!! 😀

        2. oberheiopei

          same problem as pieter.if it rains very heavy it´s nearly impossible to see anything in the mirrors.left mirror is “good”-right mirror only blur.a little bit too heavy rain on side windows,but still very good mod

  4. Moloci Ramon

    Is awesome! Thanks! :X

  5. Video there for see the effects


  6. it’s a nice mod, just the rain get to easy speed at 90Km/h it’s like you at 160 200 but it’s a game…

    1. the rain noise is lower in the cab ! great

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